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Getting traffic to your website is very important to monetize it. There are many parameters by which you can understand the numbers of visitors your site is getting. You may take appropriate measures seeing your site getting lesser numbers of visitors. Checking your website’s performance through various tools may help you to make a regular review of your website and take steps accordingly. The best way to check your website performance is by getting the Alexa rank. You can check the Alexa rank of your website here at totally free of cost. You will not only get the correct figure but also get it instantly.

The peculiarity of this ranking system is that your site’s ranking and performance is considered to be better if the rank is lower. The lower the Alexa rank, the better is your site performance. Here you can check the performance of any website along with traffic and global ranking across the globe by checking its Alexa rank. The results will be given in a tabular form and the users will find it easy to see and analyze them.

By checking the Alexa rank, you will get the following advantages.

1. It can be used as an effective tool for competitor analysis. You can see the position of your competitor and see where you stand against your competitors as far as your web marketing efforts are considered.

2. This rank will help to understand the true marketing level of your website. The lower the rank, stronger is your website. The measurement of this rank will help the advertisers to fix the bid amount while buying advertising space for your website. Lower the Alexa rank, the higher will be the bid amount for the advertising space of your website. So, with a good Alexa rank, you can earn more from the advertisers.

3. An idea of exact and real traffic to your website will be presented to you. The report will show you any ups and down in real time traffic and you can get an idea why and by how much the change, any positive or negative has occurred.

4. Alexa Certified matrix gives an exact idea of why your traffic is going down? Is it due to some external event or any particular problem that has attacked your website from inside.This report will help a lot to rectify the mistakes and continue to dominate the market for long.

The biggest advantage of getting your Alexa rank checked through this site is that it is offered free of cost and the results given are very accurate. Another big advantage is that even small websites or personal blogs can check their ranking and judge their position on the search engine.

You will have to put the URL just in the box below and after pressing the enter button, within a few seconds you will get the ready report with all necessary details. Get your Alexa rank and enjoy the benefits of online presence.