SEO Metrics Checker

Majestic and MOZ values

Both in a single API Call

Data Fetched from the Respective Tool's Server

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For API Access

SEO Metrics Checker API can be used to get both Moz and Majestic values in a single API call. You don't want to pay heavy monthly fee for using both Majestic and Moz APIs. You can purchase SEO Metrics checker credits which is of lifetime validity and automate your entire SEO process.

Once we get a request to provide Majestic and Moz values, our system will fetch the metrics using our API access to both Majestic and Moz server and send the response to you in JSON format so that you can process the response at your end.

SEO Metrics Checker API is fast and easy to use. A detailed documentation is available in your dashboard.

Our tech experts can implement API access in your own software. Contact support for more details.