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Bulk Checking

Assess backlinks' indexing status in bulk using "site:your url" and "inurl:your url." Successful match indicates indexed status.


One credit suffices for both "site:" and "inurl:" checks, ensuring cost-effectiveness and streamlined resource usage.

Total Pages

Besides backlink indexing, determine a website's total indexed pages. Comprehensive insights are on the Index Checker page.


Automate index checking or integrate with other tools using the API. Documentation is available in the dashboard's API section.

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Why Our Google Index Checker Stands Out:

This tool helps you to check the indexing status of your backlinks in bulk. For index checking we use “site:your url” and “inurl:your url”. If the website is found on any of them, it is marked as indexed. Both these checks are performed for just one credits. It can also find the number of indexed pages of a website. You can check the Index Checker page for more details. API documentation is available on the Index Checker page in API section of your dashboard.

Unveiling Web Presence: Google Index Checker

Discover the power of the Google Index Checker, a pivotal tool that opens a window into your online visibility. This innovative solution allows you to effortlessly gauge the status of your web pages within Google's search index. By simply inputting your URLs, you gain instant insights into whether your content has been successfully indexed by Google's search engine. With the Google Index Checker, you hold the key to understanding your website's presence in the vast digital realm, enabling you to strategize and optimize for maximum impact. Stay informed, stay ahead with the Google Index Checker at your fingertips.


The Google Index Checker is a tool that lets you determine how many of your website's pages are indexed by Google, providing insights into your site's visibility on the search engine.
Knowing the number of indexed pages helps you gauge your website's visibility on Google. If key pages aren't indexed, they won't appear in search results, potentially leading to missed organic traffic opportunities.
It's a good practice to check every few weeks or after major updates to your site. Regular checks ensure you're aware of any indexing issues promptly.
No, our tool specifically checks for page indexing on Google. If you're interested in visibility on other search engines, you'll need dedicated tools for each.
We offer a limited number of checks for free. For regular or more in-depth analysis, we have various subscription plans available.


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