Social Media is a technology that is created to share information, ideas, career interests etc through communities and networks. Social Media helps to reach a large group of people in a short span of time without spending any money. Social media helps us in different ways. It helps a website to gain traffic, a public figure to gain attention and for consumers, to find the best choice from trusted reviewers and users. There are various websites that provides different social actions. Twitter is a social site that is designed to share short messages with others. On the other hand Facebook is a fully-blown social media website that allows us to share updates, photos, events etc with others.

Social media marketing is very important for every business nowadays due to the huge influence of social media on consumers. Social media helps to reach tons of potential buyers without spending any penny. For eg. if you have a website that sells fashion products, you can share the website details in a community related to fashion so that it will reach many people who are interested in fashion. This will help to get many potential customers without spending any money. Due to this huge potential, any niche business can avoid social media.