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With the help of different SEO metrics checker, you must keep a regular track of the different SEO parameters of your site. You can track the SEO standing of your site with the help of a powerful tool named Moz. It is a very powerful tool which is being used by most SEO professionals nowadays. You can get lots of benefits if you check your site or sites through this Moz checker. With a single click, you will be able to get multiple reports which have been explained below.

Domain authority – It will help you to understand how strong is your site’s ranking over the entire domain. You will get a clear idea on how different pages of your domain have been ranked across the different search engines.

Page authority – Your page authority will show you how upward the site is on the search engine. The biggest advantage of using this tool is that the trust value of the link is considered in place of the total number of links your site has got. It will truly reflect the number of quality links your site has got. This factor is becoming very important nowadays in order to rank your site higher on the search engines.

Moz Rank – It always shows the quality of back links your website has got. It will judge the rank of the sites which have linked to you. The higher the Moz rank of those sites, higher will be the Moz rank of your site, too. You can get the Moz rank of your site here and get an idea of the back link quality of your site. Quality back links are very important to rank your website higher in the search engines. The external Moz rank measures the quality of links which flows to a site from outside links.

Moz trust – The higher is the trust flow of your linking websites, the higher will be the Moz trust of your website. If your links are back linked from highly trusted domains, you will get a very high trust flow and also Moz rank.

Bulk checker – Nowadays many people have multiple domains and biggest advantage our checker tool offers is bulk checking option. This means you can place multiple domains together and within seconds, you will get the results of all of them together in one dashboard. It will help you to see the results of all the domains in a single screenshot. It saves a lot of time and also analyses them quite fast.

All the above SEO metrics can be checked on this site absolutely free of cost. You will have to place the URL in the given box and within few seconds, you will get the entire report delivered.