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This tool provides your Real IP and its details. IP address is very important in case of gaming, technical support, detecting proxies, remote desktop application etc. You are getting all the ip information like IP address, country, location, Internet Service Provider(ISP) etc.

Your public IP Address is your identity when you are connected to an external device through internet. This IP address may be logged when you are connected to and external server or device through internet. You are getting that same IP address here in this page.

IP Address is same as that of an email address without which we cannot send and receive emails. It is a combination of numbers whichc are seperated by dots. It is identity of a device connected to internet. IP Address for each system connected to internet is assigned by the ISP. An IP address provides the location of a system/device in a network and thus establish a path to that system.

There are two types of IP addresses. One is static IP address and the other one is dynamic IP address. Static IP address remains same whenever we connect to internet. It is mainly used by servers and other devices which are accessed by public. Dynamic IP address keeps on changing whenever we connect to internet.

There are two versions of IP Addresses commonly used in internet today. One is IP v4 and the other one is IP v6. IP v4 consists of 32 bits and IP v6 consists of 128 bits. These two versions are simulatenously used now. The generic term IP address still refers to IP v4. IP v4 consists of four decimal number, each ranging from 0 to 255, seperated by dots.